Camp 2024

Kids Camp 2024

On July 15-18th, CrossLife Kids will be going back to Lake Yale for Kids Camp. This year Kids Camp is a four day, 3 night, sleepaway camp for all children who have completed 2nd - 5th grade. Children will have the chance to get unplugged, make new friends, develop independence, and grow in the love of Christ! We will also be having a family service on the last night.

Make sure to register during Camp Signing Week, February 18-25th, for the $50 off discount!

Total cost of Kids Camp 2024: $350 (this is including the $50 deposit)
2/18 - 2/25 : $300 ($50 off)
2/26 - 6/16 : $325 ($25 off)
6/17 - 7/1 : $350 (Full Price)
$50 deposit required for all registrations

Student Camp 2024

On May 27-31st, CrossLife Students will be going to Vero Beach for CAMP ‘24 – hosted by Real Life Camp! We would love to have your student join us for this week to grow in their faith and connect with other students. 

Make sure to register during Camp Signing Week, February 18 through 25, for the $100 off discount! 

Total cost of Camp 2024: $425 (this is including the $50 deposit) 
2/18 – 2/25 – $325 ($100 off) 
2/26 – 4/28 – $385 ($40 off) 
4/29 – 5/8 – $425 (Full Price) 

May 8th is the LAST DAY to sign up! Make sure to get your student registered as soon as possible for the cheapest price!!

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Nicole Barker

Elementary Administrative Assistant

Emily Beach

Next Gen and Recreation Administrative Assistant