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Hear the Heart behind the Preschool Ministry from our Preschool Director, Michelle Chegwin

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

CrossLife provides a safe, nurturing environment where children can take their first steps toward faith.

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What is a Sunday Like?

Preschool Small Groups are much more than simply childcare. Bible truths are communicated through play-based learning centers, games, and music. Even our youngest babies are learning that Jesus loves them and that church is a safe place to be where they are loved and cared for. In keeping with CrossLife's mission, the Preschool Ministry desire for each child to learn to love Jesus. We want all preschoolers who visit Friendship Island to understand that Jesus loves them unconditionally and created them for a purpose. 

Small Groups 

Preschool Small Group classes are provided for babies through PreK in Friendship Island, located directly below the Worship Center. When you are ready to visit on a Sunday, just come to the Friendship Island check-in desk and friendly greeters will assist you in getting your child registered in our system, print security labels, and walk you to your child's classroom.

First Time Guest Card

If it is your first time visiting us, we want to make your visit as smooth as possible. To help save some time on Sunday morning, you can print and complete our First Time Guest card ahead of time and bring it with you on Sunday morning,

Serve with CrossLife Preschool

Become a Preschool VIP

Be a helping hand by assisting the classroom teacher in Babies through PreK classrooms on Sunday mornings on an every 6 week rotation.

Wednesday Nights

Kids Choir
Three-year-olds to 5th graders have a blast during an active time of singing and activities teaching them about expressing love for Jesus through song.
Three-year-olds and PreK choir meets in Friendship Island.
Childcare is available for parents of infants and preschoolers who are attending an adult discipleship class, participating in Choir/Orchestra rehearsal or serving in a ministry on campus.

Upcoming Preschool Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are preschool classes held?

Preschool Small Group classes are held in Friendship Island, located on the lower level of the main worship center building.

It's my first Sunday, How do I check in my child?

Once you arrive at the Friendship Island check-in desk, friendly greeters will assist you in getting your child registered in our system. print security labels for you, and walk you to your child's classroom. Feel free to request a pager that enables the Preschool Coordinators to contact you immediately if there is a need. 

What measures are in place for my child's safety and security? 

We take your child's safety and security very seriously and have many measures in place to ensure that you can leave your child without hesitation. Some examples include security labels that both children and parents receive, background screening of all Preschool Small Group Leaders, appropriate child to adult staffing ratios and always maintaining a minimum of 2 adults in every room so that no one is ever alone with a child.

What happens with my child, if I want to attend both worship and a Small Group class?

Children are welcome to stay for both the 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. sessions. In fact, most children do attend both sessions. Your child would stay in the same room all morning and there is no need for the parent to come in between the service and Small Group to move the child. Preschool Small Groups teach the same Bible story at both sessions but use different activities to teach the Bible truths so your child enjoys staying both sessions.

My child has trouble separating from me. Do you have any tips?

Separation anxiety is a normal part of childhood development. Here are a few tips for helping your child separate from you:
  • Speak positively about the class on the way in so your child knows what is about to happen & that you believe he/she will be safe & have fun.
  • Attend regularly. Your child will improve with practice so it is very helpful to make a point to be there every week. Missing a Sunday could mean your child must start back over learning to separate.
  • Drop your child off quickly! The longer it takes you to say good-bye & leave, the longer your child will cry. Most children cry only a minute or so after a parent leaves. Please do not stay near the door or in the hallways as your child can sense that you are there & it will prolong his/her crying. 
  • Grab a pager. Feel free to communicate with the teacher or coordinator if you prefer to be paged if your child does not stop crying within a few minutes. (Or if you prefer we work with your child through his/her anxiety, we are happy to do that.)

My child has food allergies. Will they be given food?

Parents should always put a red Allergy Alert sticker on their child's back every week for easy identification. It is always a good idea to communicate with the teacher in addition to the sticker. Children are given snack during the 9:30 a.m. session of Small Group classes. The Preschool Ministry only uses 6 specific snacks that we know do not contain peanuts. The boxes are in the Starfish kitchen for any concerned parent to check the labels. If you can let the Preschool Ministry know of any snacks we purchase that your child can have, we will be sure to only send those snacks  to your child's classroom. If you prefer to bring a snack from home with your child, that is fine but please note it on the security card & speak to the teacher.

Does your church offer Parent Child Dedication?

Parent/Child Dedication is held two times a year during a morning worship service. This is a special time for parents to commit themselves to raising their child in a Christian home. At least one parent must be a member of the church to participate.

What is JAMs?

Social Media

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Just Among Moms (JAMS) is a monthly meeting that encourages, equips, and unites mothers of young children through friendship and personal renewal in their daily walk as a child of God, wife and mother. Childcare is provided for babies through 5th grade by reservation only.
Meets Second Thursday of the month September - May. To attend, please register. 

Meet the team.

Michelle Chegwin

Preschool Ministry Director

Denise Toavs

Preschool Administrative Assistant

Heather Graves

Preschool Administrative Assistant

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