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There are Median Adults Small Groups at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 a.m. on Sunday Mornings. In our Small Groups, we study God’s Word, build lasting relationships, care for one another, and find a place of service. During the year we have scheduled activities to bring all Median Adults together for a time of fun and fellowship.
Hear the heart behind the Median Adult Ministry from our Minister of Median Adults, Herb Long

Median Adult Small Groups

Band of Brothers with Stan Shultz

Sundays | 8:00 AM | Legacy Hall 048
Men of all life stages looking for a discipleship relationship are welcome to this bible study focused on serving and fellowship. To walk closer with Jesus, these men mentor others understanding “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17.

Prayer Group with Olojede & Pyros

Sundays | 8:00 AM | Legacy Hall 043
The intercessory ministry consists of men and women eager to seeker God’s face and intercedes for God’s people in prayer. We believe that if God’s people will humble themselves, pray and turn to God, then God will do great things through his church. Our hope is that more people will be drawn to fellowship we us on our knees as we lift up our supplication to God as a church.

Rejoicers with Clayton Smith

Sundays | 8:00 AM | Worship Center 038C
Study scripture book-by-book, through a curriculum connecting with Pastor’s sermons, or books written by well-known theologians.  Find a community of love and prayer and work on ministry projects to encourage others and spread the joy of the Lord.

Couples for Christ with Keith Brantley

Sundays | 9:30 AM | Legacy Hall 038B
Parents who prioritize lasting friendships, growing in Christ and meeting each other’s needs would love this group. The ladies have nights out and meet for bible study, while the men gather for breakfast on Thursdays where they share prayer requests and discuss scripture.

Encouragers II with Mingonet & Martin

Sundays | 9:30 AM | Legacy Hall 048B
Study books of the Bible using RightNow Media with an emphasis on context.

Family Fellowship with Trung Vong

Sundays | 9:30 AM | Legacy Hall 038C
Study God’s Word and discuss its application to all aspects of our lives as married 40 and 50-year-olds with kids of all ages.

Fellowship of the King with Wayne Walker

Sundays | 9:30 AM | Legacy Hall 011B
An in-depth Bible study with an open dialogue and safe environment to ask tough questions about the text. With people of all family dynamics and walks of life, this group to challenge each other to apply scripture to everyday life.

Inside Out with Matt Hand & Bryan Zediker

Sundays | 9:30 AM | Legacy Hall 038A
How does the Bible practically apply to everyday life circumstances and relationships? This active group is on a journey to uncover truth and grow in faith with God, while praying, encouraging, and having fun along the way Inside and Out of gathering together.

SALT with JP Renaud & David Coleman

Sundays | 9:30 AM | Legacy Hall 045
A discussion-oriented class for designed to Share and Learn Together as relationships with each other and God grow. Community is a primary focus and includes gatherings like nights out, Christmas parties, local serving opportunities and spontaneous socials.

The Gathering Place with James Wang

Sundays | 9:30 AM | Legacy Hall 043
This class is specifically designed for different cultures and English learners seeking to learn how the Bible applies to life in a relaxed setting. Experience a safe place to practice, learn, and be a part of our multicultural family!

The Way with JT Toavs

Disciples with Jeff Nash

Sundays | 9:30 AM | Legacy Hall 046
Sundays | 11:00 AM | Legacy Hall 038C
A diverse community of like-minded believers patterned after Acts 2, this group is highly discussion-based around a book or video-based study. Their heart is to do life together as a family by participating in fellowship activities while living out the Gospel daily.

Interact, learn from and encourage others through a methodical Bible study using Lifeway curriculum. Discover how scripture applies to life with people from diverse backgrounds to gain greater awareness of God’s work within His Church worldwide.

Encouragers III with Joe Madden

Sundays | 11:00 AM | Legacy Hall 011
Married adults who seek to develop God-given talents and abilities through interactive, application-based Bible study, prayer and fellowship. This group is committed to reach out and serve the community through voluntary mission and outreach activities. Fellowship throughout the week with social activities for men, women, and gatherings involving the entire family. Every class member is a part of a close-knit, well-connected network of believers who provide spiritual accountability, prayer support, and ministering to families as the need arises.

Faithful Followers II with Chuck Reilly

Sundays | 11:00 AM | Legacy Hall 038B
This small group appeals to a variety of ages, both single adults and married couples. Each week you will experience biblical teaching guided by the Holy Spirit and applied in a practical way. Grow, experience great fellowship, and do life with people who care for you.

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