Meet the Team

Meet the Senior Pastor

Dr. Dwayne Mercer

Dr. Dwayne Mercer is a native of Georgia. He and his wife, Pam, have three adult children and six adorable grandchildren. They have served at CrossLife Church since 1993, as it has grown from 650 to 5,000 members and over 5,000 new believers have been baptized during that time.

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Ministerial Staff

Tim Dix

Senior Associate Pastor

Ryan Ritchie

Associate Pastor of Administration and Young Adults

Doug Osborn

East Campus Pastor

Tim Johnson

Worship Arts Minister

Barry Edwards

Minister of Elementary Children

Thomas Larison

Middle School Minister

Darryl Nelson

High School Minister

Kevin Matlock

Pastoral Care, Evangelism & Senior Adults Minister

Antonio Martinez

Ministro de Iglesia Cruz De Vida

Ministry Directors

Nan Dix

Women's Director

Kelsie Barnes

Marketing Director

Elijah Barnes

East Campus Students & Community Outreach Minister

Christopher Vasquez

Technical Arts Production Director

Rontina DeGraffenreid

Broadcast & Video Production Director

Michelle Chegwin

Preschool Director

Melanie Bishop

First Years Preschool Director

Jeri Daniel

East Campus Kids Director

Jessica Nicholas

AWANA Commander

Mark Davis

Facilities Director

Kathy Guzman

Financial Services Director

Lindsey Harris

Welcome Team Director

Caleb Moshier

Audio and Lighting Production Director

Pam Mercer

45 West Coffee & Books Director

Troy Kouts

IT Systems Administrator

Support Staff

Shirley Rivera

Senior Pastor Administrative Assistant

Autumn McMahen

Senior Associate Administrative Assistant

Karen Parker

Office of the Pastor and Financial Services Administrative Assistant

Christie Cajina

East Campus Administrative Assistant

Joyce Pellar

Worship Arts Administrative Assistant

Mary Beth Johnson

Childcare Team Coordinator

Sarah Wason

First Years Preschool Assistant Director

Denise Toavs

Preschool Administrative Assistant

Heather Graves

Administrative Assistant to the Preschool Director

Laura Johnson

Preschool Administrative Assistant

Amanda Nash

Elementary Administrative Assistant

Nancy Jones

Kids Choir Coordinator

Kara Daniel

Students Administrative Assistant

Deonna Herrold

Young Adults & Community Outreach Administrative Assistant

Brantley Scott

Missions and Evangelism Minister in Residence

Kara Ballentine

Pastoral Care, Evangelism & Senior Adults Administrative Assistant

Sheresa Kelley

Facilities Administrative Assistant

Kyle Nelson

Broadcast & Video Production Editor

Donna Calloway

Production Volunteer Coordinator / Middle School AVL Production Lead

Kaleigh Muth

East Campus, Students and College AVL Production Engineer Lead

Patrick Henderson

Worship Arts Associate

Aida Herrold

Church Hostess

Vanessa Vasquez

Membership Assistant

Kim Barrelle


June Hill


Mervilee Riley


Jason Calloway

AVL Production Associate

Cameron Calloway

Production Associate