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Important Dates:
Sunday, April 11 – Reminder that Curriculum has changed – only Unit 33, Session  1. Session 2 is on Sunday, April 18
Sunday, April 11 – Decision Day in Small Group

Eggstravaganza Set Up Night – New
If you are a leader for one of our Eggstravaganza activities, we need your helping setting up the event on Thursday night. We’ll gather together at 6:30 p.m. in the Hangar. Mark your calendars now!

Eggstravaganza – Updated
There are flyers in your bag to hand out and invite the kids to come!

Resurrection Rally
This year there will be 3 Resurrection Rallies – 8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. If you are willing to assist in watching the children during one of the services, please let us know by emailing anash@crosslifechurch.com. We know many of you are already serving Saturday at Eggstravaganza, so please do not feel pressured to follow that up with another day of service. However, we are still looking for Resurrection Rally volunteers, so if you are willing, we’d love your help!

Decision Day
We’d like every Small Group to share the gospel message and encourage kids to come forward on Sunday, April 11. If you would like any resources and help for this day, please let us know. We will have a few tracks and salvation decision cards in your bag.

Do you need supplies?
If you need to restock your classroom with paper towels, hand sanitizer or disposable wipes, please email Brother Barry at bedwards@crosslifechurch.com.

Do you have any praises and prayer requests you would like to share with us? Do you have any changes to the prayer requests that we have listed? Please let us know of your changes or requests in E.L.I.S. or fill out a Weekly Care Ministry Report.


Please lift up Brenda Baran’s father, praying he would mentally and emotionally accept all the changes in his life. Ask the Lord to reveal a new purpose for both Brenda’s parents. As always, please keep praying for healing as Brenda’s father as he fights cancer. The doctor’s are ready to begin the chemo treatment.

Please continue to pray for the Bowers’ family as they grieve the passing of Stephanie’s mom.

Please be in prayer the Mitchell family. Betty Mitchell (wife of Harold Mitchell and mother of Danny Mitchell) passed away this year. Betty was a regular CrossLife attender and part of Stephanie Ward’s Small Group. She will be dearly missed.

Joanne Rosado, one of our Kids Connection subs, goes in for surgery on her thyroid this weekend.


Brenda Baran’s dad had a good report from the doctor. He has the option to take the chemo in pill-form for the next few months for preventative purposes – an answer to our prayers.

5th grader Mason Robbins accepted Christ last night in AWANA!




March 3 – Alice Edwards
March 6 – Valerie Jackson
March 17 – Caleb Phelps

Weekly Attendance

March 14
Small Groups: 121
Kids Worship: 101

Next Lessons

March 28 : Unit 32, Session 3
April 4: Resurrection Rally – No Small Groups

Wednesday Nights

Choir –  3/31/21
AWANA – Crazy Hat Night 3/31/21

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Order Teaching Supplies

Classroom Supply Requests

Resource Room Requests

We are blessed to have numerous Resource Rooms stocked with supplies & equipment for teachers to use in their classrooms. It’s our goal to provide you with the tools you need to be effective in ministry each week.

Resource Room Locations

Resource Room #1 – In the lobby of Courtyard Building 1 – predominately contains active play equipment, manipulatives, and books. It also contains the refrigerator & microwave.

Resource Room #3 –  Mid-way down the hall of the 1st floor of Courtyard Building 1 – contains art supplies, postcards, puzzles, office supplies, donate-able supplies, kitchen-type supplies, stickers, posterboard & colored butcher paper.   This is also the  location of basket pick-up for any pre-ordered supplies.

Dolphin Resource Room –  On the Main hallway of Friendship Island – stocked with art supplies, office supplies, stickers, kitchen-type supplies, hula hoops, posterboard & colored butcher paper.   This location is the home to the Ellison die cut machine – Die Cut List. Baskets filled with requested supplies for Starfish, Dolphin & Pelican rooms will be in this location.

Parrot Resource Room – On the Parrot hallway of Friendship Island – contains manipulatives, books, puzzles, postcards and donatable supplies.  This is also the location of basket pick-up for any preordered supplies for Parrot rooms.

View a list of the specific supplies available and which of these Resource Rooms you can find them in.

Resource Room Supply Requests

Don’t you wish you could give someone a list of things you need and they would gather them for you? Well, you can make that happen!  Submit a Resource Room Request form online! Requests submitted by Wednesday will be ready for you to pick up on Sunday morning from the following locations:

Resource Room #3 for K-5th grade
Dolphin Resource Room for Starfish, Dolphin & Pelican Classrooms
Parrot Resource Room for Parrot Classrooms

Have a question? Need some help? Please email your question or call the Preschool or Children’s Ministry Office at 407-365-3484 to leave a message for Susan Bailey or Scarlett Merckel, Resource Room Coordinators.

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